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pugglies's Journal

If you can't tell from my interests, I'm really big on manga. I can't say the same for anime; I'm an avid skimmer. I often lose patience with shows that abuse the panning effect, and sadly that seems to be fairly common. The series I watch tend to follow a manga I already read. I like both subs and dubs. If I do go to conventions, I'm the shopper who is broke by the end of the weekend.

I love cartoons in general too. I grew up with superhero shows. My favorite was Justice League, so of course I'm following the Young Justice show that's on now. TMNT, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and the classic Disney movies are other shows that are distinct in my memories. I actually hated real-acting shows. I like some of them now but don't watch T.V. regularly, so I can't say I follow any specific ones at the moment. Despite my interest in superhero shows I never got into comics. I'm still trying to figure out where to start...

I also love pugs, specifically my pug. I take too many pictures of him (but he seems to like it). Yes, my username is based off of this obsession. If I have a calendar in my room, it's a pug calendar. Plus I have a pug plushie collection that sadly is missing the beanie baby named Pugsley, which is my pug's name. One day. One day I will have it.

I'm also very studious. I'm used to spending lots if not too much time on assignments, especially papers, but they always get done in time. I'm mellow in real life and a little quiet. Online, it's pretty much the same. I come to livejournal very often to check up on series that I love, but once the school year starts that pattern changes.

Music-wise, I find myself listening to a lot of ADELE, Vienna Teng, Mika, Sara Bareilles, and One Republic songs. "Blue Caravan" by Vienna Teng is my current favorite song.

My favorite place to hang out used to be Borders. Now, I must move on.

I also would like to say that I love art class. It's such a different class. It's really liberating, and I find that my best ideas happen during this class.