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Selling FAQ & Feedback
This is my first time selling, but I will do my best to make everything work out.  My eBay account is nikki_loves_pugs, but I don't have anything listed there yet.  For now I'm only selling through Paypal, but if anyone prefers eBay I can set up listings there.  Let me know!

All items come from a smoke-free home, but some books are used; however none smell or look like they have been exposed to smoke.  I have a dog but everything I sell is kept away from him.


  • No returns

  • Paypal only

  • I will send a payment request to your account with the 2.9% + $0.30 paypal fee factored in

  • Trades can be arranged (see my Wishlist)

  • All items ship from US

  • Prefer shipping within US, but can do international shipping if you really want something

For feedback:

  1. Positive/Negative/Neutral

  2. Comments & anything else you want to include


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